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Welcome to Pleasant Valley Water Authority

Public Announcements

Watch this space for up-to-date announcements:

 To All Our Customers:  After the problems we have been experiencing, your water may start to look white and foamy.  There is nothing wrong with the water, it is just very small air bubbles and will take time to work out of your service line and also our lines.  This may take as long as a week or two to take place depending on where you live.

If you find you have a complete loss of water or reduced pressure, please call our emergency numbers.  All other matters must be handled during normal business hours. 

Thank you for your patience during these difficult weather changes.

Our 2013 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report is now available. Please visit our CCR Report page to view the report. For more information on recent projects and developments, visit our News page.

Serving Bullskin and Connellsville Townships

The PVWA provides water service to the residents of Bullskin Township and a portion of Connellsville Township, including commercial properties along the Route 119 Corridor.

Pleasant Valley Water Authority purchases water from the Westmoreland County Water Authority. Our water comes from the Youghiogheny River and is filtered and distributed to the homes and businesses in our service area.

We strive to provide safe drinking water that meets or exceeds state and federal standards for both appearance and safety. We pride ourselves in offering high quality customer service, and we invite new subscribers to visit our office so that we can both meet you and assure that your water needs are being met.


We offer a variety of payment options, including credit and debit card payments, automatic withdrawals, our drop box, and we accept payments at our Route 119 Office. Online payments are coming soon. To learn more, visit our Payments page.

Emergencies/Water Issues

If you happen to witness or suspect a possible water main break, fire hydrant tampering, or to report an interruption of your water service, please call our office 724-628-2930, Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. After hours and on weekends, please call 911.

Reportable incidents include:

  • If you have no water
  • If you have a problem with your meter
  • If you have a problem with taste, odors, or other water quality problems
  • If you have a water leak, or water causing property damage
  • If you have a main line break
  • If you have a service line break

In the event of a system-wide emergency, all of our customers will be notified with an automated phone service call.


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